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Authentic Counselling

Authentic Counselling

Planning your education pathway can be very stressful. It is also time-consuming and utterly confusing. It can even get more complicated when you are considering studying abroad. Miles International Consultancy is one of the best places for students to start their abroad study journey

Our extensive network of education counselling experts will help you identify and secure the right University or School. We have been working as one of the most efficient education consultants since 2015 creating a huge network of opportunities by making affiliations with Universities across different countries.

All our counselling sessions are free, and our experienced counsellors help with the university and course selection, document processing, application submission, offer letter, visa process, and pre-departure briefings. So, if you are looking forward to studying abroad, we can help you meet your goals.

We have been working as one of the most efficient education consultants since 2015 creating a huge network of opportunities by making affiliations with Universities overseas

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Tailored Counseling


Just walk into any of our Miles International Consultancy office or book an appointment online. On the first appointment, we suggest that you bring a list of your goals and course preferences as a starting point. Our expert counselors will discuss with you, your education and professional background, preferences, and your budget. Here at Miles International Consultancy, we provide:

  • Unbiased and expert counseling via personal interview
  • Shortlisting of potential schools and universities
  • Assistance in application submission
  • Guidance in writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Registration for IELTS
  • Guidance on available scholarships and how to apply
  • Guidance on offer letters
  • Assistance in the visa application
  • Regular follow-up and support in person, call or mail
  • Pre-departure briefing once you’ve received your visa
  • Welcome events in the study country

Background Check

Student Profile

Our counseling sessions are highly personalized. We know that each student is not the same and will have their own personal aims, motivations, and preferences. However, students can be broadly categorized according to the type of student and purpose of the study and their categories can help to build student profiles.

qualifications & Experience

Prospective students can be considered according to their qualifications and experience. These may limit the courses available to them.

Our expert student counselors know the equivalence (and recognition) of home and destination country qualifications. Student’s highest recognized level of qualifications can then be used as the base point for selecting courses. That is, the range of available courses includes those where this base point meets minimum entry requirements. If students wish to study a course above this range, then a bridging course is needed to fill the gap between base point and entry requirements. Potential students can be classified according to the type and level of their qualifications, and hence courses available to them.

Socio-Economic Background

The socio-economic background of prospective students influences course selection. Simply, wealthy students can afford high-quality courses at leading education institutions. Less wealthy students may have to compromise on lower-priced courses at less prestigious institutions. Students with less budget may need courses that allow them to work part-time to help with their expenses. Students from different socio-economic backgrounds may have different preferences regarding the balance between course price and quality.

Prospective student’s social backgrounds should be taken into account when recommending destination countries. Some students may want to experience living in a society different from their own. Other students may be at risk of having great difficulty with social differences in areas such as gender roles and relations, interactions with different social ranks, appropriate public behavior and language, and so on. Our student counselors are aware of a student’s social backgrounds and are able to advise them about social differences that may affect them.

Purpose of Study

Prospective students can also be categorized according to the purpose of their study. This can affect their choices regarding types, of courses, institutions, and destination countries.

Purpose of the StudyPossible Characteristics
Further studyThe international study will lead to further study either internationally or at home. For example, a student might enter high school in order to later matriculate into university in the destination country.
Career and employmentThe international study will enhance the student’s career or employment prospects. Such students tend to place a high priority on courses leading to recognized qualifications.
Personal enrichmentThe international study is the means by which the student can obtain personal enrichment, either through the course itself and/or through living in the destination country.